2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara, 5 speed manual - $2,000

You cant drive this vehicle home, hence the low price. Please read about the problems below (after the pictures) BEFORE calling about this vehicle.

More info about whats wrong, after the pictures. Click on a picture for a bigger picture.

Problems with this vehicle:

A car collided with the rear passenger side of this car. No frame damage, but the rear passenger door is crumpled. Frame/pillar there has been bent. Rear bumper plastic is cracked. While the damage is significant, it is only cosmetic. The door closes and seems to seal ok. The car still drives straight.

This vehicle has a cracked head on the engine. Coolant does end up in the engine oil. No, I have NOT used any sort of quick-fix block-sealant on it.

This vehicle was subjected to freezing weather while it had only water, no antifreeze, in it. The engine leaks coolant now from the side of the engine block (maybe a bad freeze plug?)

Somebody backed into this car, in a parking lot. The front bumper plastic is slightly crooked and is missing the black mesh at the bottom.

Asking $2000. I might consider a lower price if you throw in a lightweight utility or pickup-bed trailer (no junk) as a partial trade. I might also consider a partial trade for a motorcycle (street or dual purpose, no scooters, dirt or sport bikes) -- non-running (but complete/assembled) project bikes might even be considered.

If, after reading this, you are still interested, feel free to call Ed at 620.440-4095 for more information.